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What we do

Commercial & Residential Projects

We specialize in Specification, Management, and Supply of Natural Stone for Commercial & Residential projects.  Stonature is here to take care of your commercial as well as residential projects, both large and small.


Architecture & Interior Design

Designers and architects are continuously looking for new materials to improve their projects. They are using natural stone in all sorts of new and innovative ways. That’s why Stonature company bets on natural stone products to make these materials more accesible to the most cutting-edge works.

Trends & Developments Stones

Natural stone is known for special physical properties and its universal visual appeal. With so many materials to choose from, natural stone can be used for a wide range of applications. Stonature collections are designed from functionality and the latest trends such as grey or white stones.





Having established a well-equipped Slab Stock, Stonature is able to present the best Marble, Travertine and Onyx Slabs to applicants with the most competitive price.